Gabb Phone: A Safe and Simple Solution for Kids


Gabb Phone

Allowing older children some independence is vital for their growth, yet many parents find it difficult to feel comfortable letting their kids go out on their own. In today’s world, where smartphones are ubiquitous, the thought of giving one to a child can be worrisome. Issues such as internet safety, social media exposure, and excessive screen time cause many parents to pause. The Gabb phone addresses these concerns by providing a balanced way to stay in touch without the dangers linked to fully functional smartphones.

What is the Gabb Phone?

The Gabb phone is a mobile device specifically designed for children who are not quite ready for a full-fledged smartphone. It provides the essential functions of a phone—talking and texting—without the distractions and dangers of the internet, social media, apps, or games. Essentially, the Gabb phone is a modern version of the simple, analog telephones many of us grew up with, but with a few additional features to ensure safety and convenience.

Key Features of the Gabb Phone

No Internet Access

One of the primary concerns for parents when it comes to giving their children a smartphone is the vast and often unsafe expanse of the internet. The Gabb phone eliminates this worry entirely by offering no internet access. This means no browsing, no online videos, and no potential for exposure to inappropriate content.

No Social Media

Social media can be a minefield for young minds, with the potential for cyberbullying, unhealthy comparisons, and exposure to unsuitable material. The Gabb phone ensures that your child won’t have access to social media platforms, allowing them to stay connected without the pressures and risks associated with these networks.

Basic Talk and Text Functions

The Gabb phone allows children to make phone calls and send text messages, the primary functions that many parents look for in a phone for their kids. This ensures that children can easily keep in touch with their parents and peers without the added distractions of a smartphone.

GPS Tracking

For added peace of mind, the Gabb phone comes equipped with GPS tracking. This feature allows parents to know their child’s location at any time, which is particularly useful for children who are gaining more independence and spending more time away from home.

Optional Kid-Safe Music Streaming

The Gabb phone offers an optional music streaming service that is specifically curated for kids. This service ensures that all songs are free from explicit lyrics, providing a safe listening experience for young users.

Limited Multimedia Messaging

The standard Gabb phone subscription does not include multimedia messaging (MMS) capabilities, meaning users cannot send or receive images or participate in group texts. However, for an additional fee, parents can opt for an MMS add-on to enable these features.

The Gabb Wireless Network

Gabb has its own wireless network, which connects via Verizon. This means that Gabb phone users benefit from Verizon’s extensive network coverage, ensuring reliable service across a wide area. However, it’s important to note that because Gabb operates its own network, you cannot add a Gabb phone to an existing Verizon plan, even if you are already a Verizon customer.

Pros and Cons of the Gabb Phone


Safety and Security

The lack of internet access and social media makes the Gabb phone one of the safest options for kids. Parents can rest assured that their children are not exposed to online dangers.


The Gabb phone’s simple design and functionality make it easy for children to use. There are no complex apps or settings to navigate, which can be overwhelming for younger users.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Features like GPS tracking and controlled communication give parents peace of mind, knowing they can keep in touch with their children and ensure their safety.


Limited Functionality

The Gabb phone’s limited features might not appeal to older kids or those accustomed to using smartphones. The lack of internet, apps, and games could be seen as a drawback for children who want more from their devices.

Additional Costs

While the basic plan covers talk and text, adding multimedia messaging capabilities requires an additional fee. This could be a downside for parents looking for an all-inclusive package without extra costs.

Network Restrictions

Since the Gabb phone operates on its own network, it cannot be added to an existing family plan, even if it’s with Verizon. This means managing a separate bill and plan specifically for the Gabb phone.

Alternatives to the Gabb Phone

While the Gabb phone offers a unique solution, it’s not the only option for parents seeking a safe phone for their kids. Here are a few alternatives:

Relay Kids Phone

The Relay Kids Phone is another popular choice for parents looking for a simple, safe way to stay in touch with their children. It features GPS tracking, one-touch communication, and no internet or social media access.

Light Phone

The Light Phone is a minimalist device designed for users of all ages who want to disconnect from the internet while staying connected through calls and texts. It’s an excellent option for older kids and teens.

Troomi Phone

The Troomi Phone is a child-friendly smartphone that allows parents to customize what apps and features are accessible. This offers a balance between safety and functionality, making it a versatile choice for families.

Tips for Choosing the Right Phone for Your Child

Assess Your Child’s Needs

Consider your child’s age, maturity level, and needs. Younger children may benefit more from a simple device like the Gabb phone, while older kids might require a bit more functionality.

Prioritize Safety Features

Look for phones that prioritize safety features such as GPS tracking, limited internet access, and parental controls. These features can provide peace of mind and ensure your child’s safety.

Consider Flexibility and Costs

Evaluate the flexibility and costs associated with the phone. Ensure that the plan fits within your budget and offers the features your child needs without unnecessary additional fees.


The Gabb phone is a well-designed solution for parents who want to give their children a safe and simple way to stay connected. By eliminating internet access and social media, the Gabb phone provides a secure environment for kids to communicate with their parents and friends. While it may not be suitable for every child, especially older ones looking for more advanced features, it excels in offering peace of mind and essential communication functions.

For parents looking for alternatives, options like the Relay Kids Phone, Light Phone, and Troomi Phone provide varying levels of functionality and safety features to suit different needs. Ultimately, the best phone for your child will depend on their age, maturity, and specific requirements. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a device that ensures their safety while fostering their independence.

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