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If you are a social media savvy person, the one thing that you will notice nowadays is the sudden virality of short video content or videos in general. Video content dominates all other types of material when it comes to being continuously viewed by broad demography of users.

One of the widely implemented influencer marketing trends is the videos’ explosive growth in popularity. Videos not only provide for more interesting viewing, but they also communicate information in a clearer, more exciting way.

So, to be a top-notch content creator in today’s fast-paced competitive social media platforms or marketing your Business, all you need to do is turn your articles into videos. Keep on reading to know more.

Why Should I Turn My Blog Posts Into Videos?

It is understandable when you have this question. You have put all your effort into researching and writing about a topic for days, and now the energy out of you is drained to turn that into yet another type of content.

But it is not that difficult. Read on for some reasons why you need to turn your blog posts into videos. 

Reading Takes More Time

To be very honest, people are looking for some quick information or entertainment within a few minutes of their time. Reading a blog post can take around 5 minutes, but watching a 1-minute video will save that time. 

Not Everyone Likes to Read

It does not matter if you are an excellent writer; not everyone likes to read. If you want to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience, it is advisable to turn your blog posts into videos so that it’s consumed by a wider audience. 

Connect Intellectually with The Audience

Your writing might create a loving space in the heart of your readers, but the audio-visual imagery moves your audience more than anything. 

You can easily use text-to-video generator to change your thrilling write-ups into engaging videos. 

Increase Your Blog Audience

To increase traffic to your blog, you should make videos based on your blog entries. Your YouTube video will rank highly and draw a lot of traffic if it is properly optimized.

Additionally, if your intended audience likes your content, they will also be compelled to visit your blog.

How Do You Turn Your Article Into a Video?

You must think it requires a lot of effort to turn your article into a video. But it’s not a big deal if you have a sketch of what you want to present to the world.

There are no requirements for having a high-tech text-to-video generator, but these simple steps will be enough for you to be able to publish a good-quality video.

Pick the Blog You Want to Recreate 

If you are someone who writes informational blogs or storytelling blogs, then it will be the easiest for you to create them into a video, as you already have the script!

Another way of picking the right blog post is to see how well the blog has performed with the audience. That way, you will know whether the video will be hit or not. 

Shorten Your Blog Into Different Segments

If you have a precise and to-the-point script for your video, then it will take no time to create an appealing video.

It is recommended to break up the material of your blog into smaller paragraphs, utilize two to three lines to highlight the content and reserve the remaining space for a voiceover.

Record a Basic and Rough Video 

You don’t have to fork out a huge amount and get pricey tools to do this. All that you really need is a good camera and a great microphone. Even better, you may utilize webinar software to capture a live discussion of one of your blog entries, which you can then edit into a YouTube video.

Make sure three things are looked after- lighting, background, and sound. In this rough take, you will be able to make sure that these are right or not. 

Create Interesting Visuals with Stock Photos

If you’re a camera-conscious person and you don’t want to narrate your story, then you can create an amazing video with all the information without being in it!

If you select your article and put it in a text-to-video generator tool, it will help you create an appealing video in less time. Such online tools not only pick out stock photos for your content but also help to put together a video that you can edit and alter as per your taste. 

Make Sure to Have an Interesting Thumbnail

It is very important to have an interesting thumbnail for your video, as it is one of the first things any viewer will see when they come across your video. If it is designed in such an eye-catching way, then it will encourage and compel viewers to go and watch it.

Some of the things that can make your thumbnail attractive are- a catchy image, a bright background, and a catchy call to action. 

Wrapping Up

You can convert an article into a video in a manner that is both easy and effective. But it does not stop at these steps only; some post-video-making stuff needs to be looked after as well! They might include taking care of SEO, promoting your video on various social media platforms, finding sponsors, if available, and various other tasks.

However, turning a blog post into a video is not as hard as you might have thought. If you have access to the required tools and a good script in hand, then in no time, you can create an engaging as well as viral video!

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